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12-12-2012, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by srsly989 View Post
I still don't see whats so boring about the Rangers. I'm probably being a homer but I don't see anything boring about the way they play.
They play a style conducive to an utter lack of scoring chances for both teams.

Now, a disclaimer. I am not rebuking New York or any other team that plays a similar style. Obviously such systems are successful these days - that's why St. Louis, NY, etc. did so well last season. More power to them, purely in the success aspect.

But I am a fan of the NHL, not a fan of those teams (for that reason, I can understand why you or a Blues fan would disagree with me - all I'm doing here is stating my own opinion, not telling you what you guys should think).
Hockey as a whole was less entertaining in my eyes last season. My team (Chicago) was good, so that argument isn't there. The style that evidenced itself as the "new hot thing" during the second half of the year and in the playoffs is simply dull to watch - to me, anyway. It reminds me of what hockey looked like before the lockout, where scoring chances were few and far between, goalies looked absurdly good (i.e. if they can see the player's shot at all, it sure as hell isn't going in unless the guy's shooting from five feet away), seemingly half the game was spent in the neutral zone or retrieving dump-ins, clutching and grabbing being let go, etc. On the specific topic of the clutch&grab, it's not as bad as it was before the lockout, obviously. But it's making a reappearance in the game for sure... although the most egregious return of something that by the rulebook is supposed to be illegal has been interference. Guys are getting almost mauled all over the ice while trying to retrieve the puck. Who wants to watch that? Like anyone, I love a fair share of corner work, hitting, grinding puck retrieval, all that. I'm a hockey fan, I better like that stuff.
But in moderation. I don't want to watch a game when 45 minutes of it is spent dinking around accomplishing nothing on offense, throwing perimeter shots with no chance of going in toward the net, seemingly thousands of blocked shots... etc.
I'm not asking for an inordinate amount of scoring chances, I'm just asking for a fair share. Such was simply not the case last year, and it became glaringly obvious around December or January when the game really began to slow down.

Just saw your edit. No, I don't hate the Rangers, and unlike most Hawk fans I don't really dislike St. Louis all that much either.

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