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Originally Posted by Everlasting View Post
Have the main quest ever been good in any elder scroll game? ...
Sure, in Skyrim was great.... for 4 hours
Morrowind and it's expansions! But good luck finding

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
So I'm gonna start playing again soon and beat all the DLC with my main character. After that though I'm gonna do a master play through but was wondering what are some good build to have fun with ? Wanna do something I haven't done yet like : 2H , Sword and Board, just stealth w/ no magic , etc. I have a stealth archer guy , just magic guy , and 2 1H guy .

Also would like a race that I haven't played . I have a wood elf , dark elf, and khajit right now.
Try playing an actual assassin, i.e. no bows, no real magic (except restoration, you'll need that if you get into an actual fight) and daggers's much more fun since the AI is dumb as all hell when it comes to bows and if you join the dark brotherhood and thieves guild, you really have to pay attention to quests to finish them stealthily with no bows. If you want a more in your face adventure, I recommend 2hd or sword and board Nord, it makes you feel like you belong to Skyrim, especially a 2 handed warrior.

Originally Posted by Trap Jesus View Post
Does anyone know if there's any way to locate a weapon that you placed somewhere you can't remember? I dropped the Staff of Magnus off in some chest to take a new weapon, but now I see I need it again for another quest. I've already checked all the chests in my houses, so I need to somehow pinpoint it somewhere exactly in Skyrim, hopefully without having to go around randomly opening chests.
If you placed it in a non-personal chest, good chances are it's gone. Consider using the console to get it back if you really want it.

Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Yes, finally. Hopefully the GOTY edition will come out soon
GOTY probably won't be announced until after they fix the Ps3 version most likely..they'd catch way too much bad press by announcing a GOTY edition and not include the Ps3 version/include it and it's still broken.

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