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We have this argument at least once on each Coyotes thread. Cities want teams for quality of life and to validate their status as a big league city. Cinci had a clear choice when they built the stadium cited in the article: Build it or the team moves to Cleveland and becomes the Cleveland Browns. That would have been an emotional blow to the city. No one is saying that Proctor and Gamble would have left with them but still.
I live in Baltimore and we dont' have a NHL team or an NBA team and I hardly think it matters to the quality of life. And I have been to Cincinnati on business several times and really them having pro teams means nothing to me as there is still nothing much to the city. We didn't even have a NFL team for a long time. I think baseball is the only sport that really adds much to a city as there are so many games. You get a flow of people going in and out of the games if it is located in the right place.

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