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12-12-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post

1) similar =/= same... I never said they were same, just similar
2) injury doesn't mean increase of value, means decrease

Yes Kesler got 1.26 g/60... but Little's 0.85 g/60 is still better than any other year of Kesler's career...
I don't use Little's 1.12 g/60 year for evaluating the true Little?

hey I'm not against Kesler... I don't think Little = Kesler... but they did perform similarly (Selke nominations aside)... sorry... yes, for Kesler it may be due to injury, but you don't know if he will ever come back 100% which was my whole point... when dealing with trades we are discussing value

And Little had injuries too. The problem with using injuries as an excuse is everyone has them.

I'd like to also add that saying your second C is only slightly better than our 1C isn't really much of an insult.
Well if you think that the Kesler of last year is the Kesler we'll be seeing from now on, then you would be correct. But if we assume that Kesler would likely get around 65 points with Selke calibre defense, and compare that to a smallish forward good for around 50 points, I find it really hard to say that they are similar players. Kesler can be compared to players like Mike Richards, Bergeron, Backes, etc. Not Little.

But if you think one bad year is enough to make Kesler a 50 point player(and we'll just throw out his defensive game, too), then that's fine. There's no way on earth we'd trade him for Dustin Byfuglien just because you think he's only a minor upgrade on Brian Little.

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