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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I read that Louis Leblanc is playing on the 3rd line because that's what he'll be doing in Montreal.

IMO this is a dim strategy. The fact he'll be playing 3rd line in Montreal does justify playing 3rd line in Hamilton, but why not have spot duty on the 2nd line and PP?

The Habs are a perennial elite injury team. They need their 3rd liners to be able to play on the 2nd line and on the PP in case of the inevitable injuries to top-6 players.

Just this past year we had Travis Moen, Mathieu Darche, Brad Staubitz, and Ryan White play in the top-6. That is largely because Brian Gionta and Michael Cammalleri were out for extended periods with injuries. There is nothing unusual about that situation, it is actually the standard year-to-year situation in Habsland. Even if Leblanc is destined to be a 3rd liner on pre-season "everybody is healthy" rosters, he will need to be effective in a top-6 role.
Doesn't make any sense at all. Bournival is in the top 6 and there's no way Bournival projects to be a top 6er over LL. Not at this point. I don't see why you would apply this reasoning to one player and not the whole team even if he's the most NHL ready. Really dumb if you ask me.

Plus all this talk that it's not Lefebvre's say isn't exactly what I heard. Bergevin said himself in an interview that Lefebvre keeps MB well informed of his reasoning for making certain coaching decisions. Didn't sound to me at all that MB is the one calling the shots. So I call bunk on this line of reasoning.

I can see MB and Therien giving Lefebvre a general outline for what they want but I don't think they'd be the real coaches working in the shadows.

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