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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
I'm not against Edmonton or QC building arenas. But there have been way too many times general themed arguments being used against Glendale end up being somewhat hypocritical.
No matter how little we seem to have in common on almost any other issue regarding the Coyotes, I agree with you in that one -- Hruby's point applies to Quebec City as well, as the new QC arena involves a public (province and city) subsidy to a private company (Quebecor).

However, this thread is obviously going to see yet another diversion about Quebec City so I might as well set the record straight:

- Glendale (who paid for 100% of the arena) will forever be on the hook with 100% of the cost of financing the arena, and doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever breaking even on arena operations either.
- Quebec City (who pays for ~40% of the arena) will assuredly recuperate about 50% of its financing cost (with a reasonable shot at breaking even if there's an NHL team). It will NEVER be on the hook for operating expenses.
- The Quebec province (who pays for 50% of the arena), however, will never see its money back unless you can come up with some wacky computations about indirect benefits (hint: you won't).
- Public support in Quebec City was overwhelmingly in favor of spending money for the new arena.

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