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12-12-2012, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DC2600 View Post
Oh god Rambis.

Maybe Kahn would be an alright GM for a basement team, the Twolves have turned around and I'm not going to give him no credit in that. But if we want to be a perennial playoff team we need a GM that can actually handle a situation like this Love/Rubio thing with grace and the ability to keep your star players happy. Also someone who can operate a draft (but I won't blame him for Dwill, none of the players from that draft 2-10 have really shown much).
That's the thing. He botched the Flynn pick majorly (should have taken Curry if he wanted to go 2 point guards)

But the Wesley Johnson draft year didn't produce much talent after the Wolves' pick, and last years draft class was pretty barren as well.

Have they drafted poorly? of course, but let's at least acknowledge that their lack of success has not been unique.

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