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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
No matter how little we seem to have in common on almost any other issue regarding the Coyotes, I agree with you in that one -- Hruby's point applies to Quebec City as well, as the new QC arena involves a public (province and city) subsidy to a private company (Quebecor).

However, this thread is obviously going to see yet another diversion about Quebec City so I might as well set the record straight:

- Glendale (who paid for 100% of the arena) will forever be on the hook with 100% of the cost of financing the arena, and doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever breaking even on arena operations either.
- Quebec City (who pays for ~40% of the arena) will assuredly recuperate about 50% of its financing cost (with a reasonable shot at breaking even if there's an NHL team). It will NEVER be on the hook for operating expenses.
- The Quebec province (who pays for 50% of the arena), however, will never see its money back unless you can come up with some wacky computations about indirect benefits (hint: you won't).
- Public support in Quebec City was overwhelmingly in favor of spending money for the new arena.
eh I am not sure the province won't recoup its investment since it gets a provincial sales tax as well as income tax on players salaries. I don't know what that is for Quebec.

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