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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Looks like neither side was in the same room today. 6 Hours of separate meetings with the mediators. Not sure if that's 6 hours for each of them, each with a different mediator, or what. NHLPA meeting internally right now and may provide something for mediators after that warrants further discussion. But right now all signs are that both sides are sticking to their most recent entrenched positions and that no progress has been made. Shocking.

*insert media tweets that sides are closer than ever to a new deal*

EDIT: cut/paste from the main thread

Renaud Lavoie on RDS tonight:

- ''Nothing happened today because the league knows it has Fehr and the players right where it wants them, in a very vulnerable position.''

- ''As long as it stays that way, I don't know how the PA changes the current situation and puts the onus on the owners. They've given the NHL 50/50 split, accepted 300 M on make they'll fight for 5 year term limits? It's normal to be mad, but the reality is that fighting on this issue only...they'll lose. Because there are hundreds of millions, 1.7 B or 1.8 B that could NOT be in the players pockets this year. Are they really ready to fight that battle to not have a 5 year term limit? It's where this is at. It's a very important question the PA must ask themselves.''

- ''The league does not need owners in the meetings, does not need to make the players a new offer...the players are in a vulnerable position and they can't escape at this stage...there will be eventually a panic movement inside the PA's ranks...and the owners know the players are stuck in that vulnerable position, that's why the owners won't move further and at a certain point a vote on the owners offer is inevitable.''

- ''Daly told me tonight that the league would gladly submit a written proposal to the PA for it go to a vote.''

- ''Lots of damage control going on inside the PA. Players in the meetings and PA reps are trying hard to sell the message they can't accept 5 year term limits, can't accept amnesty buyouts counting in make whole, etc''

In short, NHLPA looks pretty ****ed

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