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Originally Posted by IrishPaulie View Post
Right now I'd pick Gibson BUT I wouldn't be surprised to see Subban quickly make up a lot of ground and or surpass Gibson in a year or two. People seem to forget he's played the position half as long as any of the other goalies.

With his compete level, his size & his unbelievable athleticism, heaven help the NHL if he ever fully figures out the technique.
You aren't wrong. It is admittedly difficult to gauge how well a goalie will do, especially with Subban fresh out of the draft. Gibson gets one advantage that he's remained dominant through two (one and a half if we're being technical) post draft seasons. Sometimes goalies dominate early on and fizzle out into nothing at the NHL level. Some are taken totally for granted and fly under the radar and out of nowhere they become some of the league's top guys. Like Campbell for instance. Went 11th overall. Was overhyped in my opinion ever since then and still is. He's still consistently thrown into the "top goaltenders not in the NHL yet" discussion with guys like Lehner, Markstrom, Lack and the others. Homerism aside I truly believed there was a case to be made that Gibson was better than Campbell (no one will believe me because I can't find the posts), I even argued this before we scored Gibson. But the prevailing thought was that Campbell was every bit the future star he was hyped up to be, and where is he now? On the last 3 teams he's been on he's posted over a 3 goals against average, and under an 89 save percentage and this includes AHL play. Gibson hasn't actually played pro yet, so it's entirely possible (though I hope it doesn't happen) that he fizzles out Campbell style, and Subban could improve.

But yeah, as of now if I had to pick it would be Gibson. The way he plays and the way he can absolutely steal games...he absolutely deserves to be mentioned with guys like Lehner and Markstrom. I'm willing to bet if he was a Canadian prospect he would be. But I certainly wouldn't be upset with Subban either. I think he's a great pick up by the Bruins. Yeah they've got Rask, but teams like Washington and St.Louis have proved that you can never have too much goaltending talent in the system. And Boston's core seems fairly well balanced, the key to great cup runs has almost always been great play in net (Thomas, Giguere, Howard, Quick, Leighton, etc.). Rask and Subban gives you guys great options and a lot of people were crying foul over that pick, but really, who was available that was better than Subban? Maybe Collberg but that's about it.

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