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06-01-2006, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
You see, here's where my simple mind can't really sort things out. What's a fake shirt ? You put it on to discover it's really a sock ? The alligator or whatever still has functionning teeth ? They have a chemical that combines with human sweat to make a dangerous acid ? Do you get heckled on the street because a chipmunk is on the breast ? It's a shirt. It keeps the harmful UV rays off your body, hopefully is a colr that matches your pants. It provides warmth.
hey, i'm not debating whether its good or not to wear a fake shirt or not...frankly, you can wear anything you like... why even need a brand name or logo on your shirt? clothing is clothing.

Im just letting the thread starter know that he shouldnt get bamboozled into buying a shirt thinking he's getting something that he really isnt. if you're gonna buy a fake one for 30 bucks online, you may as well walk over to the nearest shopping mall and buy one without the brand name for 10 or 15. do you not agree?

ps: as for how i can tell... it's hard..nowadays, they all (the knockoffs) use the "mother of pearl" buttons so that's not easy to tell by.. however a lot of them don't have the word "LACOSTE" printed on the buttons as they should be. the main way is by the placement of the logo on the shirts. the other thing is...wash the shirt a few times...see how it lasts.

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