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12-12-2012, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Hahahaha. Guess I'll step up and rep the Nets fans in defeat. Great game last night, guys. This rivalry is going to be great for a loooooong time. (Knock wood.)

Melo was in one of his zones and Kidd's four point play was a dagger. I wonder if we had Lopez if we pull away for good instead of letting you claw back into it. Ah well.

So furious that Johnson kept Blatche out as long as he did and didn't keep calling plays to the post until the Knicks proved they could stop it. We were KILLING you by doing that and yet he goes away from it. Blatche is so much fun to watch. I hope they figure out a way to lock him up long term. (When Lopez comes back I'd even like to see a little Twin Towers play to see how that works out...)

I really love the arena. Started out really skeptical, but now that it's done and I've been, I have to say it's great. Externally, I think the low profile, the plaza, the oculus and the way you can see the scoreboard from outside are all awesome. Inside, the layout is great, the seats are comfortable, the sightlines are good and the food is fantastic. Also really easy to exit once the game ends. Got no problem with the music (and honestly the references to "making it a rap concert" come off as vaguely racist) - after all, part of the identity is Jay-Z as an owner. My only complaints are that the seats are more than wide enough but it's a little difficult to navigate out to the concessions because of the limited space between the rows. Also, if you're in the nosebleeds, you're behind most of the speakers and don't always get the best quality sound (and actually, my comment about the space between the rows may only be true of the nosebleeds - haven't tried good seats yet).

Oh yeah, and the mascot is just... oy, I have no words.

Funny to hear people talk about how much they dislike Evans and Crash. (Williams? That one I don't get.) Nets fans LOVE them. And while I agree that Evans is a flopper, not sure I'd say the same about Crash. Regardless, you have to love the hustle they both display on both defense and rebounding. Wallace in particular is one of my favorites the way he gives max effort on almost every play. If Melo played with half Crash's intensity on D, he'd be one of the top 10 players of all time.

Speaking of Melo, I'll take a hardworking, selfless guy like Evans or Crash over a whiny-ass, selfish punk ***** like Melo ANY day. You guys have Melo and 'Sheed and Felton and you talk about how much you dislike OUR players?!? The only guys on the current Knicks squad I like at all are Chandler, Shump, Kidd and Kurt. (Pretty much in that order.)

As a former Knicks fan, I definitely think that getting Amar'e back will help - but not as much as it once would have. He just isn't the same player. And he won't help in the paint. He's a pick and roll finisher who's developed a nice shooting touch - that is truly, truly awful on D. You have a real weakness behind Chandler at C. Can't wait until these two teams both play with a full complement of players.

Speaking of being a former Knicks fan - could you please cool it with the "fake fans" stuff? As anybody who's been on these boards for any extent of time knows, I am a very passionate, very loyal fan to my team. Prior to this year, I had never switched allegiances in any sport at any level over 41 years. It was a big decision to switch teams and a difficult one to make - but now that I've made it, I'm as committed to the Nets as I ever was to the Knicks. I took the loss last night hard. Don't underestimate the power of the Brooklyn identity (or Dolan's abuse of Knicks fans for 15 years) in making a real change in someone.
It sounds like you're very dedicated, and I don't think anyone meant to patronize your fan-hood. But I feel like unfortunately anytime a new fanbase forms- whether it be the Pens fanbase who grew after they drafted Crosby, or fans of an expansion team- fairly or unfairly they are labled bandwagoners and fake fans. When we say fake fans we aren't talking about the ones like you who are clearly in it for the longhaul- we are talking about the ones who just became Brooklyn fans because they are the shiny new toy in town, the ones who used to be Knicks fans who will go back to being Knicks fans in a few years if the Nets aren't winning. It is going to take some time for the Nets fanbase to grow and become established in NYC.

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