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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Campbell in every way, shape, and form, was ready for the responsibility and was carefully groomed by an org on top of its game in every way. It was a seamless transition by an excellent org.

This? Who's been telling Hervey how to be a GM. Who's he been learning from? Are these silly questions I'm asking?

ps In fairness to me check through what I was responding to. The OTHER poster specifically mentioned Campbell. I wasn't cherry picking anything. Just responding.

How was Campbell groomed for the GM position any more than Hervey was? Up to the point of hiring/promoting him, he was a career coach after his playing days and nothing more. He didn't help scout players, sign players, etc. Of course, hindsight now tells us he turned into an excellent GM as well. But there was absolutely no way to know he would be heavily qualified for that job. Tillman came here with all kinds of experience on his resume, and 3 Grey Cups to boot. Other than his personal shenanigans, it's doubtful you could have found a more qualified, seasoned and successful individual for the job, at face value. I remember you telling me privately he wouldn't last inside of a year because of his personal issues. Turns out he beat those demons, but forgot how to run a football team. How did he turn out for us? Not sure why all the love for Tillman this past while. When he was first signed, you were completely against it, (and I still have the pm's from you to prove it, but their specific content shall remain confidential) and now, he was treated unfairly and isn't such a bad guy. Fact is, I was on board when he got hired, but he had his chance and blew it. Proof is in the pudding, in record, trades as well as how he is now regarded by nearly everyone in this organization and the disdain he has even in other centres.

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