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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
If only those were the actual deals. Iafrate was acquired for two third round picks and an exchange of import picks.
And Landeskog was not for Tatar. It was for Tatar, our 1st import pick, a 2nd and a 4th for Gabe and their 2nd import pick.

I'm not arguing with you though. Spott obviously had some wins as a GM along with his losses. I just wouldn't want to mis-represent the quality of the deals.

A counter argument could say he got ripped off for Melchiori, got lucky on Palazzese and really only clearly won the Belleville deal. But I'd say he's at least a decent GM. Too many picks thrown away though.

Agree on most this. Add the fact that Landeskog was coming here anyway, and the big "win" in that deal was much like the Puempel deal - nobody to bid against results in a decent trade.

For the most part, the import draft is much more "cooked up" than the OHL draft thanks to the agents. Landeskog was coming here period. Plymouth, the only other OHL team picking ahead of the Rangers had their import player (who's name escapes me) locked up too. but a team in either the west or the Q picked that player and Vellucci was caught with his pants down. What to do with 5-10 minutes between picks? Answer, take Landeskog, who he knew was going to the Rangers, and force a trade.

When Plymouth drafted Lando, Spott likely did the same dance that Rychel did when the Colts selected Kerby! Then, he had to think quick, and took a player who wasn't going to play junior (common knowledge. Again, the agents knew this), but could include in the deal to Plymouth, who would hope the NHL team owning his rights (Detroit) would get him to play junior in their backyard.

I may be wrong or partially wrong on this part, but IIRC, Kitchener had to send another pick to Plymouth when Tatar didn't report? Also, some/none of the picks would go to Plymouth if Lando did not play at least one game for the Rangers during the 20010-11 season (since he hadn't yet played in the OHL yet, there was a fear that he may opt to go back to Sweden after only one OHL season).

As far as Palazzese goes, I think he got lucky on it but he made that deal, IIRC, at the urging of goalie coach Piero Greco, who was familiar with Frankie and thought he was better than his value at that point. Hats off to Piero!

The hands down best deal he did was the Belleville deal -Aleardi and a 5th for Tipoff and their import pick (Rieder).

I'd also like to point out the Cody Sol deal. That was a winner too. Sol and Matt Braun for Mickey Sartoretto and a couple picks (either a 2nd and a 3rd or two 2nds or two 3rds). We got two very good years out of Sol - despite the fact some of the fanbase didn't like him, he was a rock on the backend and always played against the other team's top players.

I think Spott the GM has been decent in his deals, but I find he doesn't sell when he should or as has been said, come out on top when in a bidding war for a player (Austin Watson is a prime example)

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