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News around the NHL

I didn't see a thread on the board, to discuss issues facing other teams around the league.

Below are three articles.One is about the San Jose Sharks,with the writer speculating how they'd fit under a $60m 2013-2014 cap.

The second article is about the Canucks possibly losing 27 yr old Edler,who's scheduled to become a ufa. Edler's back surgery muddies the water imo. I'm expecting the new cba to push the cba age back 1-2 yrs,so I'm not convinced Edler will be a ufa.

The third article is about the Avs rfa O'Reilly. He recently signed a 2 yr deal, with the KHL team his brother plays for. There is an out clause : the NHL team has to offer O'Reilly a better contract then he signed with the KHL team. The Avs have the rep for playing hardball with their young rfas.
Will the Sharks be able to get under the NHL's new salary cap?
By The Neutral on Dec 12, 12:00p
It seems presumptuous to be discussing the 2013-14 season before the 2012-13 season has even begun (although, in fairness, that might never happen) but there have been rumblings that the NHL has thus far been unwilling in CBA negotiations to allow for amnesty buyouts that would ease the league's free-fall from a $70.2 million salary cap ceiling in the (as of yet hypothetical) 12-13 season to just $60 million in 13-14.

Gallagher: Edler might be the price of NHL lockout for Canucks
By Tony Gallagher, The Province
If there is no season, Vancouver fans might never see the guy in a Canucks uniform again. After all, the team is up against the ceiling of the salary cap which is certainly not going to rise regardless of how the negotiations turn out, and most likely it will shrink considerably depending upon how this “make whole” provision will actually be brought to bear in the final analysis.

There is one caveat here. If they go ahead with the amnesty idea which is floating about which would allow the Canucks to dump the contract of Keith Ballard, it would immediately liberate $4.2 million in cap space.

Colorado’s O’Reilly signs two-year deal with KHL Metallurg
Mike Halford
Dec 7, 2012, 10:50 AM EST
Metallurg suggested he would stay in Russia unless an NHL team outbid the Russians for his services.

“It has been agreed by mutual consent that if Ryan is offered a contract on more lucrative terms in the National Hockey League, Metallurg will not interfere in that contract being concluded,” the team said in a website statement.

Metallurg did not say how much O’Reilly will be paid in Russia

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