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12-12-2012, 06:44 PM
I, too, don't get it
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Don't go counting yourselves out just yet not much has been decided.

Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
I'm interested, but it'll depend on a few factors (work, transportation)
Hope to see you there.

Originally Posted by EdTheSabresFan View Post
I wish I could but unfortunately I have been roughing it for a year or so on my own during school and my gear is difficult to transport without a car (i'd be bussing). I can carry skates stick gloves and helmet very easily by contrast.

That day works for me as well though (provided it's about $10 or so).
I've been there. Should not be more than $10 if anything.

Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Where we gonna do dis? Can I bring a couple of my boys? They ain't hfers but.... you guys probably already know em.
Thinking an outdoor rink in Orleans at present but unconfirmed. Read response to SensForLife11 below.

The more the better.

Originally Posted by mat_sens View Post
I can be the 2nd goalie...depending where the game is played at?
Great. See below.

Originally Posted by berzark View Post
Im interested
Also great.

Originally Posted by SensForLife11 View Post
Might be down depending on exact time.

Throwing this out there, I (or any other Carleton student) can book ice at the Ice House at Carleton at a discounted rate during non-prime hours (Mon-Fri 6:30am-5:00pm) for around $140 I think.
Personnaly, I like it. You know, going to Carelton is a heck of a lot easier for me than making it out to Orleans. Nice, central location. It's also a safer bet since who knows if we can trust the extended forecast? Also, if you could wrangle the 4pm time slot on the 20th some of our younger friends might be able to make it without having to ditch (too much) school and avoid the police (). If it is $140 all we need to break even is 14 people to show up and lay down $10. If more than 14 show up the price decreases for each person. If less than 14 make it I'm prepared to cover the additional cost.

Would everyone be cool with that?

Free ODR in Orleans w/ attendant risks OR (at most) $10 each @ Carelton for the guaranteed ice?

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