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12-12-2012, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by JACKETfan View Post
Leaving your money on account with the team sends the wrong message to the owners.

Worse, your money is paying the salaries of the people who are ruining your "beautiful game".

The lockout would end if the majority of STHs pulled their money. And its not like there's going to be SRO when the dumbasses finally come to their senses.

I do not want them to play a shortened season. I want to see them lose so much money on both sides that they don't do this sht again.
You are entitled to your opinion.

I'd like to think that leaving my money with the team helps the folks who aren't doing anything but suffering with the rest of us. Scouting staff, ticket reps, marketing folks, the new president, the GM, the coaching staff...

There's a lot more to the CBJ than JPM, and I don't know that you could convince me that he isn't as helpless in all of this as the rest of us, Owner or not.

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