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12-12-2012, 06:57 PM
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FormatGoals (1)
Assists (1)
Goalie/Team Wins (2)
Goalie/Team Shutout (+1)

+3 pts for a tourney all-star designation (g, d, d, f, f, f)
+3 pts for best player/position award (f, d, g)
+3 pts for a goalie/team finals win.
+5 pts for new individual record (not the Canadian records....the individual tournament and game records).

This game basically pretends that each national team only has one goalie. Picking Subban, for example, gets you points for all Canadian wins/shutouts, regardless of Subbans starting in net. You also would get award pts if any Canadian goalie gets an award. A 4-shutout goalie can get you 26 pts! On the other hand...a record-breaking forward would probably get you 40.

OR to put it simply...someone will get stuck with Germany in nets.

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