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12-12-2012, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by KnightofBoston View Post
Ya, that's why you're on a hockey message board posting about it

I do not understand this mentality at all, any hockey is good to me.
I came here tonight thinking that maybe, just maybe, they'd all come to their senses. Seems not.

I'm a lifelong rabid Bruins fan -- saw Bobby Orr play at the Garden and lucky enough to be at Ray Bourque's first game.

However, after endless lockouts and pissing contests (and make no mistake, that's EXACTLY what this has devolved into) I can honestly say "if they play, they play.... if not, life will go on".

Jeremy Jacobs will wait a long long time to get any of my money ever again. He'll get some indirect advertising money as I'm sure I'll watch on TV. However, tickets and merchandise???? Bet you a dollar my boycott of that lasts longer than the amount of time lost to all of the lockouts combined (it's silly that I have to type plural there).

I'm not alone either. The NHL, either through ineptitude or greed, has finally pushed it too far for some of us.

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