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12-12-2012, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by letbob View Post
There has to be some play this season.
The NHL Players can't be that stupid. Can they ??
I just don't understand it. 725 players falling on their swords to protect their thirty richest guys with the most ridiculous, cap circumventing, embarrassing contracts.

That said, the owners are being a bit ridiculous, too. 5yr. limit is more limiting than it needs to be. 5% variance is more limiting than it needs to be.

They could go as high as 15% variance and as high as 7yr limits and still prevent the types of contracts they are trying to prevent.

1. 15m
2. 12.75m
3. 10.85m
4. 9.25m
5. 7.9m
6. 6.75m
7. 5.75m

7yrs, 68.25m, 9.75avg - I mean, it does back dive tremendously but 5.75m is worth putting off retirement. Nobody is going to leave that on the table. Plus, the cap it is never too drastically far from the actual salary. I'm sure the NHL doesn't think that goes far enough, but that's what we call a compromise. I think it's close enough to make teams shy away from the kind of silliness we've seen in these cap circumventing deals that have guys playing until they are 44 years old and only making 900kay despite a seven million dollar cap hit. Those are the embarrassing deals that should be prevented. Seven years, and fifteen percent largely discourages that nonsense.

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