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12-12-2012, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
I didn't say I didn't think he had a future or was a terrible player. I simply stated I think he is the worst guy they have in camp for this deal. When you are as deep as Team Canada those things will happen. I just think the 6' tall jack of all trades card is already being filled by Ouellet and Harrington.

Really when you look at team Canada.

Hamilton, Rielly, Ouellet, Harrington and probably Reinhart are on this team. What do you do from here with the last spot? From the guys that seem to be there I would take other people before Corrado. That just personal opinion. But like I said as a team USA fan for this event I hope he is there. When one of your main competition likes the idea of you bringing somebody that is probably a bad sign.

Also this isn't a Canucks thing, I am not Canadian and I don't hate them. I usually watch the start of either Vancouver or LA as a late game before going to bed. I enjoy watching those teams and have done so for at least the last five years. I know from stopping in on the WJC thread that people think that is the only reason you don't have to be on board with Corrado, but it isn't. Some of us just aren't all that enamored with him and I think with the makeup of the rest of the team outside of the righthanded shot I don't see why they would take him over some guys that have significant strenghts in their game. On this level I prefer only a couple players that are just good everything because they are much worse at being able to take away big assets that players have. A special gift can have a much bigger impact at the WJC level in my opinion.
True, but in a short tournament like this you should take the players that are the best RIGHT NOW

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