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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Fehr thought they were close because they we're separated by 2 years on the cba length and 3 years on the contract cap. That's idiotic? No less idiotic than the "hill" comment or the orchestrated owner pressures. This is on both sides, but your over the top rosie outcomes, no matter what path this takes, for the owners is tiresome. The players have a very good case if it goes to the courts and the owners won't even want to risk the potential outcomes. Decertification will force the end to this mess.
IMO, Either the PA folds , initiates a new offer, or the owners are prepared and willing to go the legal route. The owners are fully aware of the risks, possible outcomes, and probabilities of success. The owners are fully aware of the players next possible move and are negotiating with the idea that the PA could follow that road. If the sides are truly close why would the PA want to go down the decert lane? Simply for respect? If the sides aren't close than all bets are off.

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