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Name: T.R
Age: 31
Sex: M
Birthplace: Columbus, OH
Hometown: London,OH.
Nationality: Pure bred mutt.
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blueish brown
Mode of Transportation: '98 Durango
Job: Construction Project Manager
How you became a Jackets'/Hockey fan:Casual fan growing up. Got more interested when the CBJ started. Became a fanatic in 02-03. Went to a CBJ Foundation Dinner and met the players. They were all great people (except one or two that shall not be named) and the wife and I got hooked. PSL's in 03-04
Favorite Jackets' Player: Nash, Vybes, Fritsche
Favorite NON Jackets' Player: Sakic, Whitney, Spacek
College Attended; Cincinnati
Video Game Systems Owned: Gamecube
Favorite Game(s): NHL 05, Nascar Thunder.
Music You Listen To: Rock and Metal. Faves are King's X, Metallica. Always ready to hear "Machinehead"
Favorite Movie (s): Star Wars (Duh, I'm in my thirties), Lord of the Rings, Out Cold, Mystery, Alaska
Favorite Food: Pizza and Burgers (See weight listed abov)
Favorite TV Show: Law and Order, The 4400, The Ultimate Fighter(guilty pleasure), This Old House
Favorite Book: The CBJ Media Guide, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Too stinkin many. Nash 3rd, Dark blue Sandy, Zherdev CSKA, blank dark blue (waiting for the right time to get another name, leaning Brule or Fritsche), Czech Republic national team(Will have Vybes put on it) Autographed Messier Jersey.
Anything Else: Married with an 18 month old son who loves the games. He was 6 weeks old for his first OSU hockey game. Have gotten into the terrible habit of collecting hockey cards. Trying to get back into shape to resurrect my pathetic rowing career.

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