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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
same for the players, if they dont take the risk, who will play for their team ?
No, not the same.

There are far more people capable of playing hockey and trying to make it to the NHL than there are people financially capable and willing to pay for and run an NHL franchise. There are millions of people who PAY to play hockey. There will always be people willing to earn a fantastic living, even at a MERE 50% of HRR. There are nowhere near that many people capable of paying for running an NHL franchise from a financial perspective.

Players make sacrifices to get to the NHL. So do most people in trying to achieve their goals in their chosen careers in a specialized field.

Players take physical risks playing the game. So do many other people in their chosen fields. Players get far better financial compensation than almost any other career choice in the world.

Owners take all of the financial risk involved in running an NHL franchise. Quite a few made sacrifices along the way to getting enough wealth to being able to purchase an NHL franchise. Owners do not take physical risks associated with the game.

As such, since you need both the players, who take the health risks, and the owners who take the financial risks, it is quite fair for both parties to receive a 50/50 split of the HRR. That is, ultimately, what all of this talk about various types of risk and sacrifice is all about.

Now do you understand, or are you going to try and find another sentence somewhere to try and obfuscate the actual discussion/debate?

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