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12-12-2012, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
eh I am not sure the province won't recoup its investment since it gets a provincial sales tax as well as income tax on players salaries. I don't know what that is for Quebec.
Here don't have city taxes. There is tho a planned special tax of roughly $2,50 that should be applied to every ticket bought for any type of event to be held in the new arena. Those $2,50 will go straight to the city.

Other than that, there is the federal sales tax at 5% and provincial at 9 or 9,5% and incoming another raise January 1st.

I will agree the city and the province won't see $$$ benefits (except tourism ?) by building the arena, be it Glendale, Quebec, Seattle or Yellowknife. As other pointed out, A MAJOR difference between Glendale and as far as I know every other arena currently occupied by an NHL team but owned by city is the fact that Glendale pays to have the NHL use the equipment while everywhere else it's the NHL(team) that pays to do.

And I'm pretty sure that even when Coyotes played downtown Phoenix they were paying to use the arena.

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