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12-12-2012, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
You cant deny that Galchenyuk would improve our PP drastically and add a serious talent injection we badly need.. Im not saying he will be an impact player at his first lets say 15-20 games but taking in consideration how smart he is, its not unrealistic to think he will improve quick enough and be a key player for us in the second half..
I just think counting on an 18 year old - no matter how good he is - to suddenly make a big impact in a 40-50 game season that will be unique and likely crazy is a big leap of faith. I fully expect that the league will be at a very high level from the start due to shortened schedule, teams know there will be little margin for error.

20-25 points in that type of season would be realistic production.

Considering Bergevin and Therrien wanna win right now, the Galchenyuk option is certainly a very good one..
If they were truly in ''win now'' mode, the UFA strategy would have been different. Bouillon was a bandaid type move because all the big stay-at-home D's got 2+ years on July 1 and it seemed obvious they did not want to block the way for a Tinordi or an Ellis or a Pateryn in that role next fall.

Armstrong and Prust are checkers. There was a far bigger need in the top 6 if they wanted to win now.

Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Toronto, Carolina, Tampa Bay and NYI were all awful to the point that small to medium improvements aren't likely to bring them back to average.
CAR, TB and NYI did more than us in the off-season and they finished ahead of us when we last saw NHL hockey.

Lindback should be an improvement over the atrocious, worst in the league type goaltending TB got. They also added Salo and Carle, who improve their weak D. They still have the 3 big guns up front. Connolly also seems poised for a breakout based on his AHL numbers. This is a potentially solid team.

Carolina added 2 legit top 6 forwards and only lost Sutter. They were also far better once Maurice was fired.

The Islanders could very well be terrible again, I'll grant you that. They are a star-crossed franchise. But their team IS better on paper than what they had last year at this point with Visnovsky and likely Strome added. I'm also looking at the stats of their AHL team and a kid like Nino could breakout.

Toronto...who knows as of now. No way they score as easily as they did at times last year under Carlyle's more conservative system. But if they get Luongo they definitely improve the GAA.

Florida, Washington and Buffalo are well positioned to sink in the standings.
I agree with you on Florida, that team completely overachieved and will sink. But how much will they sink? Dineen is a good coach, I doubt they suddenly bottom out.

Washington I wouldn't be so certain...that's still a team with some high end talent despite some of the holes they now have. That's also a team that has absolutely owned us over last 8-10 meetings.

As for Buffalo, I disagree. Roy wasn't good at all last year, can't see how he's that big of a loss. I think you are selling Hodgson short as he'll flourish with more ice time (granted, I have him in a keeper league and hope he does well) and they'll also be adding Foligno full time. Ennis is now a center and played well in the last 2 months of last season. They've also also absolutely owned us over the last 10 meetings or so.

Markov is off course the X-Factor. If he can anchor a 2nd pairing and be a leader on the PP MTL goes from awful to average to above average on the blueline. That the Habs have been unusually heavily injured these past few years is essentially the story of Markov. They haven't been that unfortunate past him but he plays a very high leverage position and has missed a lot of time.
Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
You can't ignore that the team was expecting to have Markov. That's why we got rid of Hamrlik and the Wiz. Now that we can (for the most part) expect a healthy Markov it drastically changes the makeup of this team.
I'm not expecting anything out of Markov with how much time he's missed until he actually proves he's a quality NHLer again. I'm in wait and see mode with him. We've been saying what you guys just wrote in those 2 quotes for far too long and the team has been burned time and time again.

Losing Gionta was a huge blow as well. It greatly affected the makeup of our lines.
As DA pointed out, he was basically the only legit long-term injury to our top 6 forwards last season. Almost every team goes through at least one of those during a season. Injuries will happen. His return helps, but odds are there'll be at least one top 6 injury.

Cammy was as ineffective as Bourque was plain and simple. There's no guarantee that Bourque will do better than last year but it's a very good chance he will.
While I did not like the 2011-12 version of Cammalleri, he was eons better than what Bourque gave us. Bourque was absolutely horrible! And I have zero confidence in his ability to be better this season coming off his injury.

Armstrong if healthy is a great third liner. Who can score almost as many goals as AK has in the past few years.
''If healthy'' is the key here, hasn't happened much in recent seasons. And his Toronto tenure saw the offence dry up significantly last season. He's another one I don't know what to expect from him. And you just know Therrien will overuse him since he's one of his ''guys'' - same with Bouillon.

You also have to count on our youth improving as well. Eller, PK, Diaz, Emelin, White. Even DD and Patches have a chance at improving as well.
You can say this about many teams and their young players, every team has 5-7 of them that could swing their fortunes.

DD is about as good as he's going to be IMO and I think a regression is more likely than improvement.

There's also the fact a veteran like Cole is probably unlikely to repeat his superb season at his age.

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