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12-12-2012, 08:18 PM
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In the end, what I think I'm most confused about, is what these hardliners that won't let the league vote on the NHL's proposal want/expect. I mean, we've got this negotiating committee of, seemingly, questionable overall intelligence (some bright guys, I'm positive, but than guys like Campoli, Morrison and Mayers?) who won't let anything get to a vote because they know their peers would almost undoubtedly pass it, which seems like poor representation to me. Some of these guys are not currently under contract and are unlikely to ever be again (in which case I fail to see how they actually count as NHLers...) and most of them are on the wrong side of 30 with 1-2 years left on their deals and unlikely to get another contract after that. They obviously don't want the deal that it seems, the consensus is that their peers WOULD say yes to (in a league-wide vote) but I can't really grasp what it is they think they will get. It's like they're in a fantasy world where Fehr has sold them some grand promise and they believe if they just hold out long enough Bettman will resign, the owners will fire him somehow, or the NHL will decide to buy every player in the negotiating committee a pet unicorn, make them co-owners of their teams, give them all raises on their current paychecks, let Marty Turco be a starter on some unlucky NHL team, vote Campoli into the all-star game before he fades into complete and utter irrelevance, pay the players 100% for the games missed this year and raise the salary cap to 400M per season, per team.

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