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Originally Posted by sniugneP View Post
Running backs in first round would have be average over 1200 a year. Few guys like Peterson are worth a first round pick.

I'm not really a fan of drafting a RB in top 10 like Richardson last year. It's a reach pick, IMO.

There is no running back worth taking in first round for 2013 draft. Most of them are 2nd-4th round potential.
I think Richardson was a good pick in the top 10. He's a very dynamic player, equally as dangerous in the running or passing game. He can run with power and finesse. Definitely a guy to build around (even though building around a runner is never smart).

I am in the minority where I think Mendenhall was a value pick, and I also think he's vastly underrated by our fanbase. He's also a dynamic runningback who can have an impact in every facet of the game. I think the Mendenhall pick was a very good one, as he was slated in the top 15 on a lot of draft boards, but he slid. I think people look at guys who have had success and were late round picks, but that is looking at a draft in a vacuum, IMO. You take the best football player available. I don't care if I can find a runner in the 3rd round. If the best guy on the board in the 1st round is a take him.

People love to bring up MJD and Rice, but the thing with those two is that teams were scared away by their size, but they really shouldn't have been. Both are incredibly strong and powerful. I wanted MJD in the worst way in his draft year because he did everything at the combine well and had the production. If the mindset of today existed when those guys came out, they would have been 1st rounders.

The sad thing is, Mendenhall still has a ton of tread left on his tires, and if he can mature, some team is going to have a hell of a runner for another 4-5 years. I think he may have wore out his welcome here though, but I would undoubtedly welcome him back if he stayed.

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