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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
This is an amazing post sir.

His posts are usually poorly disguised digs at a fan base and area of the world that he does not understand nor does he take the time to understand. It was meant to blow off some steam as a person who wants relocation and to rip on a fan base that is reeling from the past 3+ years.

What you point out in your post is exactly how I see the very few 'hostile' Jets fans that tend to ruin it for the logical level headed Jets fans that make up most of their followers.

Everyone knows what the poster suggested is not even close to accurate or a well thought out good idea not warranting a response, you were kind enough to say what was probably on a majority of our minds when reading his post and put it out there.

Thank you again for posting this.

Glendale hockey fans and AZ hockey fans know the difference between an NHL and AHL team. To suggest otherwise shows just how clueless some people are about Coyotes fans in general.
While I wasn't suggesting EVERY fan wouldn't know the difference, most won't to them hockey is hockey. AHL hockey isn't all that bad IMO. FWIW the "fan base" obviously isn't strong enough to ensure the team stays afloat. Why haven't they opened up their pocket books?

Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Truth be told, Winnipeg never got an AHL team thinking it was a tool or a stepping stone to get back in the NHL. They got the Moose to fill 42 dates at the MTS Centre with something. Having an AHL team means nothing to the NHL as to the viability of NHL hockey in any market.

If the Coyotes were to leave, and someone was enticed to put an AHL team in Glendale, it would be done as a business decision to at least fill those dates with something. It would have nothing to do with growing the game or getting the NHL back. AHL hockey is just so different then NHL hockey as far as the demographic that goes to the games and the money involved.
Exactly, part of my point was to otherwise fill the arena with an anchor tenant. Who's to say it needs to be an NHL team that they can't afford?

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