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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
People are often quick to call Spott a bad GM.

Looking at the deals he has made at the helm, the only ones he has 'lost' are ones where he gives a mid round pick for a player that doesnt matterialize, such as Czinder and Alberga.

Puempel for 2 2nds and Lorentz- BIG win
Landeskog for Tatar - BIG win
Palazzese for mid round picks - BIG win
Iafrate for a 3rd and mid rounder - Win
Matt Tipoff and Tobias Reider(import pick) for Aleadi and our Import pick - HUGE WIN

Where he loses is when he makes no deal at all. He is aprehensive about losing a trade it seems, and thus wont make it. Sometimes too worried that the price is one pick to many for his liking, but at the end of the day, that player would have brought more immediate value to the club then that pick would have, even if recovered at a later date.

Im the kind of fan that takes the good with the bad, given I am presented with an effort. If I see that he tried to make things happen, and it didnt work out, I'm not going to call for his job. Others might, I wont. I understand things go awry at times. What is inexcusable is when the team sits at the edge of the pool with its toes in the water, and wont decide between diving in, or going back inside.

We need Spott to decide whether this team is going for a dip, whether they sink or swim is irrelevent, or if they are going to pack up their things and go home. But lets be damned sure we dont sit pool side all day!
Every GM is going to win some trades over the years and its easy to point out the ones that we may have got the better deal on, but can you recall the Mavric Parks trade? Or the Taylor Carnevale trade?

Standing pat last year??? The overage moves this year???

It's just as easy to point out the flaws

I will agree though, that the simple answer is coach or GM but not both! Then if you fall on your face, we ship you out and move on! Its easier to replace one than both!

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