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12-12-2012, 09:16 PM
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Rant time:

Bo Jackson is easily one of the most overrated baseball players in history. He is known for one exhibition home run and hundreds of golden sombreros. I've seen better fielders and better athletes in baseball before him and after.

I'm sick of the "could have been the greatest" comments with Bo Jackson, at least in terms of baseball. he was a flawed power hitter, in the mold of Jay Buhner or Mark McGwire. He wasn't even a good base stealer compared to his peers at the time. Actually, McGwire was 10000 times a better hitter than Bo and more disciplined.

Why is a bumbling, no-talent idiot like Mike Greenberg providing analysis on Bo Jackson? Jeremy Schaap? Mike Greenberg? Oh, that's right. It's ESPN once again providing the viewer with the "best" analysis out there, as long as it's from within their own company. Anybody who actually studied the game of baseball like their life depended on it between 1989 and 1991 knew that Bo Jackson was just another face in the crowd in terms of baseball skills. But I love these modern-day "experts" who act like he was God's gift to baseball. Sorry, Junior. He wasn't.

Bo Jackson wasn't even the best or most valuable player on his baseball team.

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