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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
Really? Count the scoring chances in the game and see where the bulk of the shots are coming from. And as for Charlie, he hasn't played many games but this isn't his first star of the game and I believe he's already posted a shutout if I'm not mistaken. So, either Charlie is a bonafide star goalie already or somehow he's a good solid goalie riding the success of a strong defensive game. Let's not forget the Oilers and Grant Fuhr days where the wheeled and scored lots of goals in a wide open game. Fuhr let in quite the fair share of goals and was thought of as one of the best goalies of his time, yet his #'s would say the contrary. Put him in New Jersey with their style of play, especially the Stevens/Danyko days and see what his #'s would be. Malcolm is a great goalie but I still maintain that the 'System' is what's providing the main part of the success. We'll see what happens now with a Rookie goaltender who's had very little action all year and how he responds with all these games and pressure being thrown his way. If he plays .500 I'd consider that amazing given his age and relative lack of games in the OHL (14 to date for his career). This much I know, if the Bulls don't stay out of the box this will be the start of a free fall as statistically you can't maintain those PK #'s forever.
Charlie just had another shutout and another win. I'm happy for him to be honest and the team will need to develop him as much as possible as it's 99% for certain Malcolm won't be around next year. Like I said, Defense wins games and love it or hate it the Bulls will always be one of the top 2-3 defensive teams in the League. Might be crazy boring for Fans, painful for skilled forwards and offensive D-men, but it's getting W's up on the board.

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