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12-12-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
If you would have said they performed similarily last season I would have understood, but since you're looking at two seasons I can't quite wrap my head around it.

Kesler's averaged 61 points to Little's 47, which is quite a significant difference, and outproduced him in both goals and assists over the last two seasons.

Kesler puts 1.5 shots on goal for every 1 of Little's, and almost 3 times as many hits and blocks as Little does.

Little is also the beneficiary of more offensive zone starts, and better even strength linemates (although Kesler has a huge advantage on the PP). Not to mention Little's actually averaged more TOI than Kes the last two seasons.

I respect your opinion, and the thought put into it, however I just can't get over the sheer differences in production on the stat sheet. Advanced stats are great, and Little's are certainly impressive, but in this case they don't tell the whole story. I'll also clarify that I was never insulted by your claim, I just couldn't see it, and still can't for that matter.

To me, this will probably go in circles. Seems more of a "would you sleep with me for 10 million dollars" "yes" "5 dollars" "No; who do you think I am" "well we already established who you are; now we're just haggling price"

Yes their styles are a different. Kesler get's more points by shooting more and Little get's more by getting into sweet zones, thus raising his sh%. Kesler is edgier, and more physical, but Little isn't a pushover and gets a lot less penalties.
Little got more OZS (5%), but faced higher competition (which can be measured by corsi or opponents TOI if you don't like advance stats).
Little got more toi/gp but Kesler got more gp.
Little had "better linemates" but Kesler was on a stronger team.
The big difference between the, result wise, is in scoring occurs from the PP where Kesler > Little big time.

I guess it's all relative.


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