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12-12-2012, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Where do you think Yakupov should be playing right now? Definitely not in the OHL, that's for sure. When you are so dominant in a junior league like these two, bad habits tend to form. Things won't be so easy for him in the pros, so I'd rather he get used to it sooner than later.
3 things:

Yakupov played 2 full years in the OHL, Gally hasn't done that yet.

Yakupov played way more hockey last year.

Yakupov is a year older in hockey years and turned 19 in October. It's a factor.

If Gally had played a full season last season, I'd be singing a different tune.

Also, the breakdown of his stats vs the contending teams doesn't scream ''OHL is too easy'' at this stage.

Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
I don't expect all-pro Markov right out of the gate, but I do expect he will be our best defenceman right out of the gate, that's for sure. He was already getting back into form last season, and from the little I've seen of him over in Russia, he looks to be in game shape. That's all I have to go off of, and there's no reason for me to expect otherwise. Markov is an elite player in this league, and the fact that he's been playing throughout this debacle only bodes well for him should there be a season here.
You are free to set whatever expectations you want. I've been burned the last 3 seasons on Markov being a key piece and I'm not going to be burned again.

21 yr old gally + 18 yr old Gally >>> 21 yr old Gally

Salary cap can be dealt with, you don't affect a youngsters development because of something that trivial. He would only get paid more as an RFA than the 3.5 or wtv on the salary cap for his ELC, if he deserved it. Soo... I would gladly pay a 21 year old Galchenyuk whatever he's worth if he's ripping up the league.
This is a cap league and will continue to be one. You absolutely have to pay attention to this stuff as a GM and the effects of bringing up your future stud a year early.

Right now, our cap is set-up perfectly for re-signing Galchenyuk in 2016 as that summer the Plekanec-Bourque-Prust-Moen deals will be gone. If you bring him up this season, he now must be re-signed in 2015 and it could be a tight squeeze depending on what happens with the cap/HRR going forward.

It's also far easier to build a contending team when you have a very high end young player on an ELC (2009-10 Chicago being a prime example) giving you 6-7 M type production for half of that as it frees up cap room to go get a quality veteran.

Even if Galchenyuk scores 15-20g and 20-25a in his rookie year, it will be a huge boost.
I assume you mean over an 82 game season? I'd be stunned if he produced that in a 40-50 game season at age 18.

Basically those are Andrei Kostitsyn type numbers over an 82 game season...I wouldn't call it a huge boost.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't think he'll be on the 1st line.

He can't possibly score that from the Plekanec shutdown line.

And there's not enough ice time to score 45 points from the Eller line, otherwise Eller would have already done so.
Pretty much this. And how many points would he really rack up on the 2nd PP unit in 45-50 games? 10? 15?

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