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Originally Posted by jack mullet View Post
i was amazed after reading "Searching for Bobby Orr", i was really amazed how much of a scum bag Alan Eagleson was. i think players really are too trusting of their agents sometimes. maybe Eric Lindros got it right, who else can you really trust but mom and dad
That book doesnt even cover a tenth of Eaglesons chicanery and frankly downright malevolence in corrupting the Players Association, putting us on the path were on right now in many respects. If you really wanna get an eyefull, start by reading Net Worth by Cruise & Griffiths, followed by the Power of Two with Carl Brewer & Susan Foster, Russ Conways book Game Misconduct, along with several others of course, but those 3 should get the blood boiling sufficiently enough for starters. Echo's to this very day Im afraid.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
I know that he represents the owners but in a perfect world that would be Gary's job and a guy like Wayne Gretzky would would be Commish and act in the best interests of hockey, not exclusively for one interest group over another.
Yes. Like an Ombudsmen's Office of sorts. I believe theres a thread on that either here on the HOH or over on the BOH Board. Someone like a Ken Dryden, Gretzky or whomever perhaps, though Id like to see someone a lot more savvy & streetsmart, someone combative who'll go after the NHL or PA with equal ferocity should either step out of line. A guy like Gretzky or a Dryden strike me as being far too easily co-opted. Non-alcoholic. Toothless. Erudite. Above the fray.... you want more Hv?

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