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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
meh. I'm not going to read too much into one misplaced statement from Laforge. The Group seems to be admitting that their aggressive, demanding approach may work in taking over IDAs, but when dealing with civic gorvernment, not so much.

i think for many of us, this (and the CBA) is a rare glimpse into big money negotiations, and the dirty tactics and lying are sickening.

look, if this arena is going to get built, its either going to cost us more or we build the ACC or GM place (rogers centre?). sad but tru-ue.

the Katz Group's proposal to start a slush fund for Arena costs that is built up with taxes generated from the CRL ,after they have reached a projected tax revenue increase, is not nearly as unpalatable as a 6 million dollar yearly subsidy. so, say after 2 billion dollars in taxes have been generated (a timely that would probabably coincide with Arena upgrades, say 30 years), then we can start helping out.

i'm sure there are other ideas. if we can see their books (thru a mediator), yearly, maybe we can help them out in bad years, if they pay it back in goods years.

but, they have to win our trust by being trustworthy.

the tone is alot better.
No, but it just speaks again to their integrity. They obviously have no shame. This just confirms it again.
And I have no idea why the City would give them a penny more. They agreed to the framework. It was exceedingly generous. Why make it more generous?
And frankly, if the surrounding development takes off Ive got a little secret for you. The City does well. You know who else does? Thats right. And is he going to share with the City his windfall?
You got that right.

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