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Originally Posted by Broilers View Post
Rieder, Lander, Pääjärvi, Laleggia will not be this team. Gagner, Smid, Petry and Gernat will be with the Oilers. Maybe even DD
5 Years is a hell of long time to try to project forward... but I certainly wouldn't bet for certain that Gagner, Smid, Petry and Gernat would all be with the Oilers.

Gagner is trade bait and as soon as the Oilers have a better #2 C option he'll be gone imo. The only thing really keeping him in Edmonton so far is the fact that they simply have no better #2 C and we all keep waiting for Gagner to fulfill his potential... I'm sure there's some of that exact same feeling among Oilers coaching and management.

Smid... could be gone as a ufa, could be injured... who knows. I'd say he should probably still be here.. but not a certainty.

Petry... my guess would be no actually. In 5 years he could very well be traded away or surpassed by others in the system. With players like J Schultz, Marincin, Klefbom, Gernat, Musil etc... there is no guarantee that Petry is still around in 5 years.

Gernat... again, who knows... he isn't even close to sniffing the NHL at this stage so to say he's a lock in 5 years is a leap. Odds are actually probably against him but certainly it's no better than a coin toss if he becomes an Oilers regular or not.

As for Rieder, Lander, Pääjärvi, Laleggia....

I think Rieder could actually be a good bet to make it in a two way defensive/pk forward type role. If he develops into a Peca type player he could have a long NHL career as a solid 3rd line type forward.

Lander... I'd probably agree... at this point he's looking very marginal. Lots of leadership, maturity and defensive awareness but almost zero hands. 4th liner at best... likely playing in Europe in 5 years time.

MPS... a toss up... could still develop into a 3rd line type pk/defensive forward but his lack of hockey iq and offensive skills will hold him back. I'd be leaning towards him not being on the Oilers in 5 years as well... but his speed and big body will likely have him sticking around as a marginal NHL player bouncing around from team to team for years to come.

Laleggia... too much offensive talent not to get a shot at an NHL spot at some point. Whether he sticks as a regular is the question. Odds are against him BUT he's looking very good at every level he's played so far and people think he shouldn't make it because of his size but I personally think he could surprise a lot of people. If I were to bet I'd say he is on an NHL roster in 5 years though maybe not on the Oilers.

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