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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
If the NHL and PA agreed in the beginning of the season to play under the old CBA without signing anything, how would a player strike in mid april work?

If the players went on strike in mid april after receiving almost all of their salary and their strike caused the playoffs to be cancelled, what would happen to the actual revenue numbers?

Using last year's numbers :

The 57% was about 1.881b for the players with a cap around 64.3m

If the players went on strike and caused the revenue from the playoffs to be lost, they would easily be well over the 57%. What would happen to the money? Would they have to give it back to the owners to even up immediately? Would it be returned upon completetion of a new CBA? Or would it pretty much be forgotten?
The NHL projects revenue throughout the season, and the escrow rate can slide up or down. I believe it's recalibrated quarterly.

The money sitting in escrow would not be dispensed until the final league numbers were audited, which customarily is finalized by October of the following season.

If the NHLPA still owed the owners more money than was sitting in escrow, they indeed would need to come up with the difference.

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