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12-12-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by oilexport View Post
I'm afraid that Donald has big plans for the Players, "blow this thing up" comes to mind.

The Owners want to control the contracts as 3-4 big money teams are driving up the costs for everyone else.

The Players can't get past the record revenue, big contracts that are handed out. They are greedy and listening to Donald. They ultimatly came out ahead on the last contract yet they think they are always giving, giving, and more giving for every expired CBA now and in the future.

There is money problems on a lot of Teams and the Owners want to fix this. They will not play until this is fixed, they thought they had it the last time but some Teams found loopholes. Players must understand the vast majority of teams can't thrive on this.

The best offer appears to be proposed by the NHL. Donald might sqeeze a little more but the greater good is being lost (this season).

The realinement that was rejected by the NHLPA pissed off the Owners and they want their control of the League back. The Owners must be allowed to Own.

So, Donald has the choice of playing ball or going to Court to blow this thing up. I think Donald likes to go to court and also be on T.V..
Well I don't think the players have any intention of going to court otherwise we'd be there already. Its well passed the point where decertifying was a legitamate option for the players if they wanted to see a paycheque this year. Anyways i think pressure will mount to accept the deal from within the PA.

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