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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
It's also a carrot for the big market teams, to try to drive a wedge between teams in the NHL. NHL does their wedge driving by trying to appeal to the lower levels of players, who also have shorter careers. There are more of these types of players than any other if you take a snapshot at any given time. In three years, the makeup of this group will be vastly different. If you consider the guys who will have tenure, or currently have it, they probably have a greater vested interest and more say, perhaps.
I think the NHL is having a hard time finding a wedge issue because different aspects of the CBC impact players differently.

Contracting rights is very important to guys who are about to become RFA or UFA - they don't want 1 or 2 years or other conditions added to FA eligibility.

The next generation of stars are hurt by extension of FA eligibility - owners really want to put the clamps on the 2nd contract windfall that so many players have cashed in on. This would be at the expense of your up and coming star players.

Older players, particularly the upper echelon ones, won't want to see limitations on contract terms. Even though there are relatively few really long contracts, longer contract mean security.

Lowering the players share of HRR (basically the cap) probably hurts the veteran 4th line and depth defense players the most. Teams are going to spend what they need to on their star players and divide what's left among the depth players. Veteran role players take the hit here, because they are not waiver eligible (assuming this doesn't change) so can be replaced by a young guy from the farm who can be sent down without cap implications.

The make whole component is most important to the guys with the biggest contract. Those who signed big contracts this summer have got to be pissed at the owners offering these contracts knowing they would claw it back through the CBA negotiations.

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