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12-12-2012, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes. Like an Ombudsmen's Office of sorts. I believe theres a thread on that either here on the HOH or over on the BOH Board. Someone like a Ken Dryden, Gretzky or whomever perhaps, though Id like to see someone a lot more savvy & streetsmart, someone combative who'll go after the NHL or PA with equal ferocity should either step out of line. A guy like Gretzky or a Dryden strike me as being far too easily co-opted. Non-alcoholic. Toothless. Erudite. Above the fray.... you want more Hv?
Those are good names and I'd have no issue with them at all. Do people really think hockey would lose its revenue if Gretzky was running it? I doubt it, his name along would spread interest.

I also have thrown in the names of Mike Gartner (NHLPA boss, potentially) who I think did a good job with the NHLPA when he was there. Not to mention Ron Francis and Bob Gainey seem to be guys that would thrive doing either side of the job. You get the feeling they'd stick up the for integrity of the game a lot more. I thought Paul Kelly would have done that as well, but the players fired him. Now they have Fehr who seems to have a one track mind much like Goodenow did in 2004. If it tastes like chicken...............

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