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06-01-2006, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Komisarek8
I don't think there is anything from them that would make me part with Markov ...

Markov is our #1 D-man. If you trade that and with the uncertainty of Bouillon coming back and which Souray will play ...the end of season souray or begining of season..
this could cause a lot of problems to the team. It's great having Richards or Lecavalier but what is that without a solid D?
I would have to agree with you mainly because I always say that the great teams now have the greatest puck movement and transition from d-men to forwards. And the only great d-men in doing so is Markov.

Having said that, you give me Kubina, Redden, Chara or somebody else like that and the only player that could then be traded is Markov or Souray. Would TBay want Souray instead. If so, be my guess but I don't think they will.

And if a trade for Vinny has to happen ( though I don't know why a team would trade a 6'4'' franchise player) and the draft or around that time is the best timing, don't forget that we could need more than #2 centerman......Status of our #1 would still be unknown, Lecavalier then become more important to us.

And I forget about my #1 main reason to trade Markov.... he doesn't speak fact he doesn't speak english either..... (P.S It's a joke, a bad one, don't reply to it and turn this into a french vs english vs russian war....)

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