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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
Yet reportedly Snider wasn't all that happy with the lockout. He still couldn't do anything. I think Bettman actually has an easier time controlling/influencing a fairly small group of owners compared to Fehr trying to control hundreds of players, many of whom are watching their time disappear possibly for good, and who can speak publicly without immediate repercussion. It was reported a while ago that owners' meetings essentially consist of Bettman giving them a presentation about what they're going to do...and that's it. There's no discussion or questions. Apparently Bettman and the BoG decide what to do and then just tell the rest how it is and there's almost nothing they can do.

So, let's not act like the players are the only group here "brainwashed" by their chosen overlord.
Just from my perspective - the "ratio" is flipped between the owners and the players.

% of owners who want a CBA now at any price - probably 20% (TOR, NYR, PHI, etc). If the majority of owners are breaking even or losing money - pretty easy to see why they support Bettman. It should be noted though that I'm not sure how strong Bettman's support is about "dying on the hill" over 5/7 contract terms if the PA is willing to sign off on 50/50 split of HRR.

% of players who want a CBA now at any price - probably really high, with many older players, and pretty much all of the "bottom half" of the rosters guys. The hold-ups appear to be things that don't impact the VAST majority of the PA. What % of guys ever get more than a 5 year deal? Really small, and just the elite players. Who primarily benefits from the back-diving cap circumventing deal? Elite UFA's. Agree there is some limited trickle down affect - but it's probably pretty small. I understand there are some "trickle down" affects to players at large - but the players hear things like "kill the middle class", and they just swallow it hook like and sinker without understanding if it is really true.

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