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Originally Posted by ShadowWolf9 View Post
No, but when someone discredits the opinions of others and outright tells them they're wrong, you can come off as a bit of a jerk. Honestly, you're acting as if your opinion somehow became fact when there's little to credit it.

So don't throw out the "it's just my opinion" card immediately after attacking others. There's a difference between attacking and disagreeing with someone.
Huh? When have I attacked anyone in this thread? All I have been doing is defending my point of view and stating why I find certain teams or their styles boring to watch.

I have made a distinct effort not to be antagonistic. I haven't attacked anybody nor have I outright said anybody was wrong. Did I not say multiple times "I can definitely understand your point of view," "some people certainly like different things than others," etc.?

EDIT: Perhaps you've misconstrued me refuting the suggestions of others (relating to why I find certain teams dull to watch) as somehow a kind of attack. If they suggest I don't like watching, for example, St. Louis because I'm jealous of their success, I'd say I'm entitled to being a little annoyed by it. For one, because that's ridiculous. But more importantly because it's irrelevant and completely avoiding the topic.

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