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Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
goalies really dont develop fully until they hit about 22-25, before then it really is a crapshoot unless they are noticeably above their class(I.e Price, Fleury).
the 1st round drafted goalies tend to have amazing athleticism and sensibility, the problem still is as they mature, they still might not be able to handle the pressure, which is probably the biggest reason why you dont see goalies develop fully until their mid-20's.

always smart to draft a goalie, you never know when you have a johnathan quick in the late rounders.(I havent checked, but has every draft produced a starting goalie? say since before 2008?)
I was curious so I looked. Didn't have to look any farther than 2007 Allen York I would guess has the most NHL experience out of all the goalies. He was the only one I recognized. He was that guy who played a few games for Columbus this year.

2006 has Bernier, Varlamov, Irving, Neuvrith, Enroth, Mason and Reimer as names I recognize. Irving and Enroth I don't think have cracked the NHL yet.

2005 has Price, Rask, Pavelec, Quick and Bishop as names I recognize. Some pretty good goalies from that draft.

2004 has Montoya, Dubynk, Schneider, (Pogge), Ramo, Rinne.

As we continue to go farther back I would assume more years like that of 2005/2006 where there are a bunch of recognized names and good goalies. Can't be bothered to check though.

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