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12-13-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Thats an excellent suggestion in Bob Gainey, and I believe it was MayorBee who on the thread discussing such an office suggested Paul Kelly, which is also an interesting possibility... and no, I wasnt suggesting that Gretzky wouldnt draw in sponsors or whatever, no, what Im saying is I dont believe he has by vocation or aptitude the requisite skillsets to act as an Ombudsman, though he may have learned much after his experiences in Phoenix, getting stiffed by the NHL & Moyes to the tune of about $7M. Its possible that after such a disappointment, disillusionment really, that he'd be more open to actually vocalizing his opinions, sticking up publicly for one side or the other in any given dispute instead of being a puppet, under the thumb of the league itself, always minding his 'P's & Q's as he did as a player.
I wouldn't mind Paul Kelly as commish either. The NHLPA blew it when they let him go. The guy had season tickets to the Bruins. He was a fan. I know that isn't everything but it shows he at least has emotional ties to a game he loves. He was smart too, very smart I thought. I picked Gretzky as well but I am not sure how much it matters that he never finished high school (I honestly don't know if he ever completed it later in life). It doesn't mean he hasn't gained a ton of knowledge since then even from a business standpoint but you do want someone who is impeccable with numbers.

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