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12-13-2012, 01:12 AM
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(360)The Original HFBoards: Season 3 Season! TBL,PHL,CAR are available

GMC "The Original Hfboards"

GM List
Boston Bruins: GT: Wilson81261
Buffalo Sabres: GT: blerv21
Calgary Flames: GT: Jimborton69
Carolina Hurricanes: GT: VACANT
Chicago Blackhawks: GT: Simonaboudd
Colorado Avalanche: GT: Deceptionnnn
Columbus Blue Jackets: GT: FireandIce47
Dallas Stars: GT: Deceptionnn
Detroit Red Wings: GT:noexult
Edmonton Oilers: GT: kmass66
Florida Panthers: GT: Feretos
LA Kings: GT: Akward Squinter
Minnesota Wild: GT: MikePrimetime
Montreal Canadiens: GT: BigWelsh21
Nashville Predators: GT: wokeupinaz
New Jersey Devils: GT: Bunz McToot 3DG
NY Islanders: GT: nucksfan4life
NY Rangers: GT: G3P3TTO
Ottawa Senators: GT: Hockeyhero95
Philadelphia Flyers: GT:VACANT
Phoenix Coyotes: GT: Semenukk
Pittsburgh Penguins: GT: JackSambo
San Jose Sharks: GT: FALC05
St. Louis Blues: GT: Jeoffreh
Tampa Bay Lightning: GT: VACANT
Toronto Maple Leafs: GT: Stocks10
Vancouver Canucks: GT: Raunchy Tofu
Washington Capitals: GT: Benzo x 23 x
Winnipeg Jets: GT: CLUMSY WAR PIG


- i will most likely sim every 3 days regardless, i want this to stay moving.
- also no trading w/ CPU's
- tell me if you want waivers ON or OFF
- there will be activity checks to see how active you are, i just want this to be active as it was before.
- No cheating.
- No quitting your games. Or you will be removed.
- Games are going to be 5mins a period on Superstar.
- Don't chirp other GM's at all or keep it to a minimal

I'll add more details later and i need everyones HF username.

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