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12-13-2012, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Sorry guys, but Im a season ticket holder in the same division as Dumba. Id wager Ive seen him play much more than both of you combined and especially live.

You can quote stuff youve read if you like, but if it says Dumba is a poor skater, whoever wrote it doesnt have a clue. Parroting it here doesnt change that, all it does is propagate ignorance.

If you know anything about the WHL, you will know that Rhett Rachinski can pick them up and put them down. Im wagering neither of you have seen him play either, although there is an outside chance you may have seen him at the memorial cup last year.

Today he had a clear breakaway, if you were watching and paying attention, and Dumba caught him from behind at the last second interfering with his stick and muffling a quality scoring chance, possibly saving a goal against.

Of all the other dmen in camp, I think only Morgan Rielly could have caught Rachinski from behind. Would you say Morgan Rielly is a poor skater? Because, sorry to say, that is pretty much what you are saying when you call Dumba a poor skater.

People reading that who watch the WHL and know what they are talking about are laughing at those statements right now. Im not kidding.
Skating forwards and skating backwards are two completely different things. I've seen Dumba play enough to know that he has never been a great backwards skater.

This is just like an argument on Canucks board recently about Keith Ballard's skating. Similar problem to Dumba, skates great forwards but backwards? Not a chance.

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