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Originally Posted by chilly34 View Post
So I made a offer to someone... I offered him

Peyton Manning (I know it Manning, but the guy has thrown 7 interception in 6 games now, plus he hasnt gone over 20 points in a while)
Trent Richardson (He has done wonders for me, has gotten over 10 points like 6 games in a row, but he has a tough schedule with skins, denver and pitts having good run defenses)
Hakeem Nicks (been on my bench for a while, dont necessarily need him)
San Fran (great defense in real life, not so good in fantasy)


Cam Newton
Ben Jarvis Green Elis
Lance Moore
Chicago Bears

what do you guys think?
I'm going to assume this is not a keeper league. I still wouldn't do it though. Cam't really picked it up lately, but TRich is significantly better than BJGE. The receivers and Ds essentially wash, and IMO Peyton is closer to Cam than BJGE is to TRich.

Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
So...Vernon Davis has been a bust. I have Scott Chandler on my bench.

Should I pick up one of these options: Tony Scheffler, Joel Dreessen, or Dallas Clark?

EDIT: Clay Harbor is also available.
I'd actually go Scheffler. He got ten targets last week. I think he'll be pretty involved from here forward.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Week 15... Obviously going to keep going back to AJ Green despite the slump,

Then I've got got Cecil Shorts (concussion issues), Jennings (not reliable production), L. Moore (coming off a stinker), and Garcon.

D. Alexander, Blackmon and Gordon are on waivers.

What a mess. Basically..

Green, Garcon, ________.
Solid options, that's for sure. Shorts is back at practice so he should be good to go this week. Solid matchup too. He's been so good this year personally I'd go with him, but if you're worried about the concussion I'd go Alexander. Guy's been amazing. You know what, I think I might go Alexander regardless. No health risk, great matchup, and he's been phenomenal lately.

Originally Posted by SpinTheBlackCircle View Post
Lost Pettigrew, but won my first round game without him (and 1 pt from my kicker). What TE should I pickup?

Dallas Clark
Tony Scheffler
Scott Chandler
Mercedes Lewis
Ben Watson
I'd go Scheffler. As I mentioned above, ten targets last week. I'm a sucker for targets. With Titus and Broyles out Scheffler should be pretty heavily involved.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
I keep squeaking through week-to-week. Just advanced to round 2 by less than 2 points.

I have no idea what to do with my RBs. I have Richardson, Ballard, Wells, and Rodgers. Obviously going to play Richardson. Ballard has a bad matchup (vs HOU) and Wells and Rodgers aren't solid options. Do I go with Ballard or look to the waiver wire for someone like Wilson or Powell?
Donald Brown and Delone Carter are both out, so even though it's not the greatest matchup Ballard is still a decent start. That being said, grab Wilson IMMEDIATELY. He's an RB1 this week if Bradshaw's out, and my guess is he is.

Originally Posted by Diskothek View Post
I have Houston's D (against Indy this week), but considering getting Detroits just for this week against the Cardinals. Detroit's D isn't too impressive, but Arizona is just so bad.

Do I dare?
I think Houston will bounce back in impressive fashion this week. That being said, the Colts don't typically give up a ton of points to Ds, and the Cardinals are absolutely terrible. I'd go with the Lions.

Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post
Freeman's come back down to earth lately, and the Cardinals are terrible. Their pass D is overrated (as is Peterson's "shut down" ability). This is going to sound biased, but the Pats game where they limited Brady was a fluke (and it was early in the year when they were playing MUCH better). Rodgers torched them, Alex Smith had like the most accurate game ever against them, and Wilson didn't need to do anything cause the game was over very early on. Then you sprinkle in some very mediocre QBs, i.e. Sanchez, Tannehill (who torched them), Bradford (2), Ponder, and it explains the favorable statistics. I would be very surprised if Stafford didn't light them up.

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