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12-13-2012, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Rutkowski View Post
Gagner had a 47-point year, only 4 more than Yandle who were kinda off at times during the season. He also don't have a defensive upside at all. Eberle provides a lot more points, yes, but he also shot at an abnormally high shooting percentage last season and it's a question if he'll be able to maintain it. However, his defensive upside is lacking as well.

So we gain a 3rd line scoring center, 2nd line on a bad team, and a 1st line winger if we lose our 1b line two-way center and our 1st pair defender and with Whitney gone, #1 PP player. Sure, Eberle will probably replace him there but then without a playmaker for him how efficient will he be?

Then there's the question of Gagner(most likely not) or Eberle will even fit in the Tippett system. It's not a fast, high-scoring system that they're used to and Eberle's main efficiency will be greatly reduced that way.
Ah yes, unsustainable shooting %. Trust me, us Oilers fans know all about that and this so called "high-scoring system that they're used to" was ranked 20th in the league. But don't let that prevent you from making stuff up!

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